Dialogue:The reality allows not to have I to discuss the money
The 3rd part of the story about teachers from Guangdong aid to Guangxi   (450)

With the help of Teacher Wu Xionggang, our journalist got in touch with Teacher Wang Huitong through phone. This teacher, after 5 years taking over classes for absent teachers, is still sticking to teach in stony classrooms, with his 39 students.


Journalist: Are there any other teachers here?

Wang: Because our village is so far from town, the traffic is not good, no one is willing to teach here.


Reporter:As a substitute teacher , waging just more than 100 Yuan, should be the income increase if you work at village offic?


Wang Huitong Huitong: To tell the truth, the situation of our village does not allow me to discuss the money . It is impossible that there is no teacher in our village because so many students desire to study.


Reporter: May we let them go to other village or town to suty?

Wang Huitong Huitong: No.It is far from our village. It is an out-of-the way place that the children must spend 1 hour to reach other place. Such young children cannot bear. I only teach from Grade 1 to Grade 3. They would be sent to other school for further study when elder.


Reporter:How do they have class for 39 children departed 3 grades?

Wang Huitong Huitong:Each class I will spend 40 mins which is about 13 mins a class.When I had class with Grade 1,I would let the rest prepare the lesson.When I had class with Grade 2,I let Grade 1 go over the lesson.


Reporter:It seems that you have plenty work.Do you prepare 3 lesson plans if you have a class?

Wang Huitong Huitong:Actually there are such many students that our school should employ at least 2 teachers. I felt frequently tired.Usually I did not have enough time to take care my family.My parents and children must depend on my wife.


Reporter: Will you keep teaching if you cannot transfer continuously?


Wang Huitong Huitong: If there are no other teachers to be willing to come, I will. I cannot look these helplessly  children whom nobody teaches. I now the most hope is the government concerned can help us to construct this teaching spot and having class in the winter in the stony house  was too cold. Our here there is no a drill ground so each time the physical education all only can arrange the simple excercise. It is hard for children.




Translated  by   Lady Zhu


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