She has three meals every two days

  The 3rd part of the story about teachers from Guangdong aid to Guangxi   (458)

---Reported by Wu Xionggang in Fengshan county Hechi Guangxi

This story about one girl live frugally only to continue her study in Hechi Guangxi



In September 25th 2005, the third group of teachers went to Hechi Guangxi from Foshan to teach students there. We all know that they have one great mission---help to develop the education cause in the depress areas. This group of teachers are full of enthusiasm. However, the fact they should face is a classroom without a window, a student without food and a school shortage of teachers. Poverty made the development of education here slowly. That is why students here study hard in order to improve their living standard. Our correspondents will keep in touch with the teachers and report their experience in the depress areas. If such reports are within the deep of your soul, please be mercy and help the children in this depress area.

Mastermind by Zhang Zheyou

Reported by Chen Yufeng and Wu Xionggang


Everyone should have three meals everyday including breakfast, lunch and supper. However, a girl in Fengchi Minzhu Middle School just has three meals every two days. The reason why she goes to Minzhu Middle School from a great distance is just study hard in order to enter to a good Senior Middle school.


Begging for a chance to take a good school

This girl named Yang Liping who is not belong to this district. At the beginning of the school term, she came to school and begged for the headmaster in order to study in this school. The reason why she came is she believed this school was a good school and the rate of entering to Senior Middle School was high. She promises to the headmaster that she must enter the major Senior Middle School three years later.

Yang Lingping came to school alone. She said, “I have not go far away alone and I have not been to Minzhu Middle School either. I remembered that I asked the bus driver to take me to Minzhu Middle School and then he took me here."

Yang Liping conjured up that scene she just had 260 yuan but the fee for school was 356.55 yuan. At that moment, she begged for the headmaster to allow her to study in this school charging for only 260 yuan. After knowing the situation of her family, the headmaster agreed for her request.

Three meals every three days

Yang Liping lives in a poor family and there are only 80 yuan her parents send to her each month. However, the meal in Minzhu Middle School is 1.2 yuan per each breakfast, lunch and supper is 1.5 per each. Therefore, each student should spend at least 130.2 yuan per month on food. Besides that Liping is a good daughter that she would go back home to see her parents every month and the round fare are 14 yuan. Therefore, we see there are only 66 yuan left. However, how about her meal?

Yang told reporters that Monday, after breakfast, As often as not she skipped lunch until dinner; On Tuesday, she wouldn't eat breakfast and dinner; On Wednesday, Only breakfast and dinner, except lunch; Thursday, as the same as Tuesday does; So far as that, this arrangements is quite satisfactory a month on food.

Apart from board wages, Yang had little money left. Knowing from Shang Sir that Yang Liping caught a bad cold for a month from the beginning of the school year. For shortage of money, she did not go to see the doctor. She won’t got over until Shang Sir took her to see the doctor.

In order to fulfill her promise to the headmaster, she study very hard. Yang told the reporter that she did a good job in every subject expect English. The fact was that Yang had not learnt an English word until come to middle school. As a result, she was not grounded in English. Learning from Yang, the students in her class bought a recorder and she believes she can learn English well in the future.

(translated by Amy Huo)


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