Three meals

The 3rd part of the story about teachers from Guangdong aid to Guangxi   (477th)

---Reported by Wu Xionggang in Fengshan county Hechi city Guangxi province

The students in Fengshan Minzu middle school call meal instead of breakfast! What does three meals means? To most people, they thought that every student should have Breakfast, lunch and supper. However, after reading this essay, you will know which three meals I refer to. I have to mention this story first, a girl named Yang Liping in my class who are not belong to our district. But at the beginning of the new term, she came to school alone and begged to the headmaster in order to study in this Minzu Middle school. At last, school allowed her to study in this school. However, this girl’s family was very poor and she just got 80yuan per month for her cost of living. I knew from Mr Shang that this girl had a bad cold for more than a month. I felt very surprise that she did not go to see the doctor for lack of money. However, she won’t cure until Mr Shang brings her to see the doctor. I do appreciate this girl and I want to know more about this girl. Therefore, I had an interview with this girl on the evening of October 23th 2005 in the teacher’s office.

The first question I asked Yang was why did she go to Minzu Middle School to study although she was not belong to study in this school. She said that because Minzhu Middle School are famous for their school spirit and the number of people enter to senior middle school are lager than others. Furthermore, she would try her best to enter to a good senior middle school. I asked her one more question that had you studied hard in order to fulfill your promise. She replied that she did so although she was not good at English., Because that she had not studied English before. And then I asked her many questions, such as how did she arrange for her daily life and school work? How to deal with the problem when you come across the trouble in school work? How to balance each subject and how to master her subject well? We communicated in a friendly way.

How time flies! In order to know more about her I invited her to the headmaster’s room in order to continue our talk. The moment we sat down, I asked her how did she come to this school. She said that she had not been to other place except her hometown. Thus, she told the bus driver to take her to Minzhu Middle School immediately. Subtract the fare, there were only 370yuan left. In fact , the fee for the student in grader One should pay 356.55 Yuan.. After knowing the situation about her, the headmaster allows her to study in this school and for 260 Yuan. And then I asked how much her parents will send her as for the living expense. I was quite surprise that there were only 80 Yuan per month. According to my survey,, the meal in Minzhu Middle School is 1.2 Yuan per each breakfast, lunch and supper is 1.5 per each. Therefore, each student should spend at least 130.2 yuan per month on food. Besides that Liping is a good daughter that she would go back home to see her parents every month and the round fare are 14 Yuan. Therefore, we see there are only 66 Yuan left. However, how about her meal? Yang told me that Monday, after breakfast, As often as not she skipped lunch until dinner; On Tuesday, she wouldn't eat breakfast and dinner; On Wednesday, Only breakfast and dinner, except lunch; Thursday, as the same as Tuesday does; So far as that, this arrangements is quite satisfactory a month on food. At that time, I was so move that my tears can’t help dropping from my face.






The mountain is yelling,

The mountain is crying,

The mountain is vocative,

At this moment, the room was so quite that we can only heard the running of the recorder. It’s hard to image how a child just has three meals every two days.

PS: Like Yang, it is the golden period of the body development for the junior1 students.Because of the family situation; there are only 80 Yuan for her living expense. Unlike other poor children that go to work instead of studying, Yang is very strong and braves that she go to Minzu Middle School study in order to enter a good senior middle school. Compare with the other children in the downtown, they spend several hundred on one sport shoe. What’s more, they buy cell phone, MP3, MP4 and other expensive products. Besides that, they have 30yuan to several hundred Yuan as their pocket money. However, under this affluence and welfare environment, they are absent minded in class, playing PC game only. However what they have spent are more than 80 Yuan or twice ofthat Yang had got from her parents.

How do you feel after reading this report? Do you feel something about her? If so, I am looking forward to you (my email is,and

(translated by Amy Huo)


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