Who is yearning?

The 3rd part of the story about teachers from Guangdong aid to Guangxi   (490)

written by Jianfen Wu in Class 6 Grade 2 of Foshan NO.14 Middle School

   We all live in the same world as it is,however,the living conditions can vary from place to place.

   Everyday you sit down right here in the spacious,bright and snug classrooms absording knowledge,wherea they are yearning for schooling out there;when you enjoy your good meals a day,they are somehow starving,in hope that a good meal would ever come;nicely dressed in a good-looking as well as warming padded jacket,can you imagine the poor condition they are in:their hands are frozen by freezing cold and their foots,full of chap.Worse still,what they wear to keep them warm can't be poorer,which is far from getting a person warm……This population,they are none other than the children who live in Jinya country,Chifeng mountain city,Guangxi Province.

   In watching televison I once came across a report concerning the western part of our country.The journalists were covering somewhere over the western area .As it turned out,some dialogue happened amid the children and the journalists.And till now the dialogue is still refreshed in my mind.Here goes the dialogue:

   Journalist:Did you finish your meal?(a sort of greetings of chinese custom)


   Journalist:well,it's a little past five in the afternoon.A bit early to have your meal,isn't it?

   Child:I didn't eat at five,I ate at seven.

   Journalist:At seven?But it's not yet seven,boy,it's only five.

   Child:I ate at seven last evening and have not eaten anything since then.

   Journalist:oh,when are you eating then?(said in tears)

   Child:Early tomorrow morning.

   Early tomorrow morning!what a word!It's such a plain word that show a sight of what it is:apathy,hunger,poverty,sadness and tears.Every warm-hearted person,including the journalists and local inhabitants on occasions could not help bursting into tears in front of the scene.To the eyes of the average children,having adequate clothing and food is so means to be that barely could they be aware of.The reason for this is nothing but the fact that the regions where we are brought up are wealthier than where they live.

   In Guangxi province there are still some schools with no toilet,and classrooms over there are hardly ventilated.Several couples of desks are too old to be fixed,and the chairs,which are as broken as the desks,are not able to be flat on the ground.For the children who go to school and go back home daily,they have to spend about 2-3 hours walk on the rugged road to school regardless of the bad weather.All of which are far beyond our imagination.As is said to all,the children who live in poverty particularly have aspiration to fulfill their promising future.In actual term,they are more likely to bear hardship and study diligently.And you?When it come down to you,what is going to happen?In all aspects that matter,our living condition are comparatively far more advantageous than theirs.Nevertheless,some people just seem that they never get enough satisfied with what they have owned.Do we really need to go to poverty-stricken areas to experience what life is like there?Perhaps our lives are too happy to make us feel gratified in any other way.We are so weak facing hardship and difficulty.

   Do you hear a voice yelling somewhere in a remote corner?It is the sound of your heart,a voice replete with anxiety,and yet,yearn for your help.




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