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The 3rd part of the story about teachers from Guangdong aid to Guangxi   (497)

“Oh, so miserable!” Someone can’t help saying such words. At the moment, we are browsing the website ---supporting teaching on line, found by teacher Wu.

You will be greatly moved by the content when you open this page by accident or not.

When I know that they have to have their breakfastlunchsupper one time every other day, and the meal are mixed with ricemeat and vegetable. To us , much more fortunate than them, not know living affluent life, it’s rather difficult to swallow such meal, but for the children living in poor rural areas, such meal is a luxury.

So I determine: From now on, I must save in using electric and water, not wasting money and crop, making good use of it, studying hard against time.

Meanwhile, I call on: please hand out your hands, to help the rural area children! Let our big family—our motherland, develop equally, to make this poor children get help.

Take action! Use our hand, build our beautiful future!




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