Wealth and poverty
The 3rd part of the story about teachers from Guangdong aid to Guangxi   (514)

After reading the touching article, of which title is <child’s voice rise from the rough classroom>, how sorry I felt. Browsing those pictures, I even feel guilty and regretted. I can’t believe, under the same sky, there are such poor children, such rough house. Looking their expression in their eyes, eager to study, I was ashamed of that. When at school, I studied the main subjects especially hard, but laid-back in secondary subjects, sometimes even spent the whole class time chatting with others. I never thought it was my fortune that I could study in such comfortable classroom. Therefore I felt we really lived in fortune but not realized after reading this article and pictures.

While the poor children are satisfied to study in those dark and closed classroom, we still have much complains when studying and working in such bright and wide circumstance. Under the same sky, compared with the easy-content children, we are so insatiable, sometimes blamed there were not enough fans or the lights were dim. My dear! We are rich but poor. We didn’t cherish such superior circumstance.

We have perfect facilities, not only books but also computers, which can on the net, but the poor child only own a small blackboard and only had limited books.

Maybe this is the God’s arrangement. We born in big cities, and they born in rural area; some of us prefer play to study, they just hoped to learn certain knowledge and have a bright future. Although we have the same rights, but their dreams couldn’t come true mostly because of be born in different places. Even the food problems were hard to solve,. If they are able to study, they will be fully satisfied.

I don’t know how to express my complicated heart. I frankly hope they can live happily, study in better schools. We are living in a big family together--China; we are responsible to help each other.

I realized indeed, we are so poor for we have no goal towards future, and they are so wealth for they have clear goal, which is study.

I sincerely wish they will get sufficient care and rights.




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