Teaches the website: In and out the village (Pearl River Times report)
  The 3rd part of the story about teachers from Guangdong aid to Guangxi   (462)

 By an accidental opportunity,I knew Teacher Wu Xionggang who was sent to Guangxi to aid from Foshan return Foshan to take a short stay.Thereby in a cold wind night I made an appointment with him.We were sitting in a inn to have a long talk about his anxious about the education distance between the city and town and his sees and hears in the town, what is more,about his idea of establishing the website.




City children

Imagines with difficulty scene


Wu Xionggang who was the Maths Teacher of NO.14 Middle School Foshan was sent to aid to guangxi in SEP 2005. Fengshan town located in northwest of Guangxi belonged to Hechi city was the revolutionary base."Eight mountains one water one land", there the economy is backward.Teacher Wu was sent to national school in the town,using the spare time to visit the teaching spotto know the local teaching situation.He said he saw with his eyes the children's difficult study condition.That was hard to image for city children.


36 Children in a 25M2 room


In Teacher Wu's National School,the situation in girls'room is like that: A room at least lived 18 people for the area was about 16 square meters;most lived 36 people for the area was about 25 square meters.Moreover,not all the students had a bed by oneself.They often shared a bed with 2 students in 0.9 m bed.Some two beds put together thereby three students shared them.Why this situation happened?Firstly, the school facility cannot follow. Secondly,the students' family were so poor that they must two share one to save money.


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